Old Town
Old Town

Taken at face value,
it none the less falls short and doesn’t ring true.
Given a chance in time
maybe this will come around down the line.

Everything precious is turning blue.
Everything precious is hidden from you.
Everything precious has now been taken.
Everything precious has been forsaken.

Forty years is a long time…
Forty more years.

If I get back to the place,
the origin, the start of the race,
I will adapt a new stance
if I am given a second chance.


(Dave’s prayer at parent’s 40th anniversary)

Forty years is a long time…
Forty years is a long time.
You’ve given them forty years of good times, some bad.
And now they are healthy, happy,
and looking for new challenges and new ways to serve you.
We pray that they might have at least forty more years in which to do these things.
Our Father, we know that in the midst of the crazy highway of life,
you have put families as safety islands.
We thank you for this island of safety,
and we pray that it might be for us a place for us to stop and refresh before carrying on again in the everyday world.
Bless this family, these parents, and our fellowship together.

What can I say to explain,
when it’s my actions that cause you this pain?
Apologies fail in the end
when I even less than you comprehend.


Forty years is a long time.




Author: eric@ericschuurman.com

Father, mechanical drafter, musician.