Something Inconsequential…

A month of lost weekends, fueled inspiration, and a toss-off written for BB Bugaloo. I wrote ‘Love Dangerously’ in the fall of 1992 along with a number of other demos for BB’s project ‘Soul Roots.’ BB and I performed it at the Sopot Festival 2 years later and won the audience award. A year after that, I moved to Sopot, Poland where I lived for 2 years and started my family. ‘Love Dangerously’ was something almost inconsequential that determined my fate.

  • Love Dangerously demo
  • BB Bugaloo cover
  • Eric's studio version

Love Dangerously

Your love is dangerous,
it’s clear to see,
a love so dangerous,
danger to me.
Your love is frightening,
now I can see
nothing between us,
Love Dangerously.

Your love is reckless,
suffering and wild.
A love so dangerous,
whims of a child.
Your love’s peculiar,
and something to see.
Leaves me defenseless,
Love Dangerously.

Your love is a wildfire,
consuming all.
A love this dangerous,
brings on a fall.
Your love is careless,
honest and free.
Brings us together to
Love Dangerously.





Father, mechanical drafter, musician.