Two Little Birds

Two Little Birds
in a feathered nest
keep their parents busy,
not a moments rest.
Momma weaves the long grass leaves
that make their small home strong.
Daddy brings her twigs and string
and sings his morning song.

Two Little Birds
In the mid-day sun,
each a little bigger
when the day is done.
Momma brings a caterpillar.
Daddy brings a worm.
One will guard and one will hunt,
each one taking turns.

Two Little Birds
learn to spread their wings.
Cheep cheep warble twitter trill
the two of them will sing.
Momma puffs her breast with pride,
Daddy just might cry.
The joyful day has finally come,
the little birds can fly!

Two Little Birds
must now go on their way,
one beyond the horizon,
one not so far away.
Two Little Birds
whose parents love them best
know they can always return
back to the family nest.




Author: Eric Schuurman

Eat your vegetables.