In My Hour

Old Town
Old Town
      In My Hour

Who has thrown this spell upon you,
in cold rain, dancing in the afternoon?
Strangers laughing in another room
as city night approaches in the neon gloom.
Praying at the foot of the bell tower.
Praying for release, In My Hour.

Whose kiss have you taken to heart?
Whirl away abandon from the very start.
Once an innocent, now lost in the night,
hidden deeply away and kept from my sight.
Praying with the sullen and the dour.
Praying for release, In My Hour.

Whose heart have you left behind
so far out of sight, so far out of mind?
Who’ll cry for an end that comes too soon?
Who’ll cry for the turning of the hidden moon?
Praying for the circle of the flower.
Praying for release, In My Hour.





Father, mechanical drafter, musician.