Our Civil War

There is a political class that benefits from us being at each other’s throats. There are men and women who have built fortunes, leveraging and exploiting  our reasonable differences, magnifying them and using them against us for their gain. We have to ask ourselves when we hear something from them that stokes our anger towards each other, and makes us see each other as enemies: is what I’m hearing truthful, and how does this messenger benefit from our anger towards each other? It is time that we question sources of information cooly, neutrally, and soberly. All of them. There is no single, objective truth. The truth is the center of gravity of our collective understanding. None of us own the truth.

Our national emergency is actually a global emergency. This is easily imaginable. As a species, in fact, we are threatened. We have the ability, intentionally or un-intentionally, to bring about an end to our existence on this planet. We have to be willing now to re-examine our own beliefs in order to reconcile our differences. We must realize that there may be a seed of truth at the core of the grievances directed towards us from the other side. We must be open to changing the way we understand things. We are brothers and sisters truly at war. It is an existential crisis, and it falls on our shoulders, as our leaders have failed us.




Author: eric@ericschuurman.com

Father, mechanical drafter, musician.