Awake in Old Town

Piper’s Alley

In spring of ’91 I awoke in Old Town, newly separated. I set up shop in an artist loft building called Wieland Center on North Ave. It was across the street from the old Piper’s Alley location, next door to the Old Town Ale House, right around the corner from Second City, and a few blocks away from Lincoln Park where I would jog late at night.

With the end of my first marriage began a run of creativity which would send me on a journey, through several projects, successes and disappointments. Creativity was the healing process for me, and it propelled me down a path through Old Town, Pilsen and Wicker Park, eventually leading me back to Poland.

My ‘Old Town’ project consisted of 8 songs: ‘In My Hour’, ‘Resurrection,’ ‘Too Many Pieces,’ ‘Winterline,’ and ‘Apology’ are Busted Relationship songs. ‘Vineyard Homicide,’  and ‘Take Care of Love’ came out of my Chicago blues scene existence. Clouds begin to lift with ‘Homeward.’





Father, mechanical drafter, musician.