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About Eric’s Freaks… In high school, most kids study Algebra and Social Studies. I studied Shel Silverstein, Basil Wolverton and Gahan Wilson. When I was young, I wasn’t conscious of it, but I’d developed a process of visualizing in advance what I would draw. I’d created a visual vocabulary that allowed me to crank out my Freaks easily and naturally. After school, I got away from these sketches. Now and then I would do one randomly, but years would pass between them.  Later, when my kids were young, I would amuse them with my goofy creatures (see above gallery) and we would have fun drawing them together. They grew up and I stopped drawing again for a long time. Then late last year, December 2022, there was a knock at the door, and Eric’s Freaks were back!

Freak Boutique is my online gallery of odd new cartoon creatures. Each Freak features its own line of T-shirts, mugs, hoodies, posters, phone cases and cards available through Zazzle. See them doing their thang at Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok. My Freak pals would love it if you would take a look at their merch lines and consider investing in a collection or two! Click Eric’s Freaks below to sneak a peek.

A Universe Diverse!

A Universe Diverse! Circle of Freaks


Well-Read Eric's Freaks 7-1-23 illustration
Well-Read Freak / 7-1-23

Well-Read Freak 7-3-23 illustration
Well-Read Freak / 7-3-23

Well-Read Freak 5-14-23 illustration
Well-Read Freak / 5-14-23

Well-Read Freak 3-19-23 illustration
Well-Read Freak / 3-19-23

well-read freak 2-18-23 illustration
Well-Read Freak / 2-18-23

Well-Read Freak 2-16-23 illustration
Well-Read Freak / 2-16-23

Well-Read Freak 1-26-23 illustration
Well-Read Freak / 1-26-23

Well-Read Freak 1-6-23 illustration
Well-Read Freak / 1-6-23

Well-Read Freak 12-28-22 illustration
Well-Read Freak / 12-28-22

Well-Read Freak 12-17-22 illustration
Well-Read Freak / 12-17-22

Well-Read Freak 12-10-22 illustration
Well-Read Freak / 12-10-22






Father, mechanical drafter, musician.