Eric Schuurman by Eric Schuurman

Eric Schuurman, 1985
Eric Schuurman, 1985

Recorded In Edison Park 2004-2007.
‘Eric Schuurman’ is the last release by Eric Schuurman.
It is dedicated to John Halka.

Produced by Eric Schuurman.
All words and music by Eric Schuurman,
except ‘Johnny Thirteen’, words and music by Eric Schuurman and John Halka,
and ‘Far Enough Away’, words and music by Eric Schuurman and Tomek Lipiński,
and ‘Monkey and the Button’, words and music by Eric Schuurman and Tomek Lipiński,
and ‘For Nothing More’, words by Stan Borys, music by Eric Schuurman.
Stan’s spoken bridge quotes Cyprian Norwid.

Eric Schuurman – Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Organ, Synths, Programmed Drums.
Michael Garrett – Guitar on ‘Home Prayer’ and ‘Nightsweats (Tongues of Jakob)’, Voice of Milkman on ‘Nightsweats (Tongues of Jakob)’
Vince Salerno – Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, Harmonica, Flute, Voice of Laundryman on ‘Nightsweats (Tongues of Jakob)’
Stan Borys – Vocals on ‘For Nothing More’
Tomek Lipiński – Additional Voice on ‘Far Enough Away’ and ‘Monkey and the Button’
John Halka – Jail Poem on ‘Johnny Thirteen’
Jeff Svoboda – Additional percussion on ‘Nightsweats (Tongues of Jakob)’
Tom Waicunas – Harmonica on ‘Baltic Rain’
Arthur Winiarski – Additional Voice on ‘For Nothing More’
Natalia Schuurman – Narrator on ‘Monkey and the Button’
Julia Schuurman – Voices of the Beasts on ‘Monkey and the Button’

  • Love Dangerously
  • Johnny Thirteen
  • Monkey and the Button
  • Splinter
  • First Chapter Elizabeth
  • Nightsweats (Tongues of Jacob)
  • See Through Me
  • Home Prayer
  • Jettison
  • Far Enough Away
  • Baltic Rain
  • Wade in the Water
  • For Nothing More by Stan Borys
  • New Amerika





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