Music From Another Life

These songs are my body of work. Included are collaborations with Stan Borys, Tomek Lipiński, B.B. Bugaloo, Tom Waicunas John Halka and Vince Salerno.  Most are commercially available.

      Whispering Pines
      Recklessly Yours
      Days Are Few
      East West
      A Prodigal Son
      Airplane Dreams
      Two Brothers
      Natural Light
      Love Dangerously
      Johnny Thirteen feat. John Halka
      Monkey and the Button feat. Natalia Schuurman
      First Chapter Elizabeth
      Nightsweats (Tongues of Jakob)
      See Through Me
      Home Prayer
      Far enough Away
      Baltic Rain
      Wade in the Water
      For Nothing More feat. Stan Borys
      New Amerika
      Maybe It's the Way feat. Tom Waicunas
      Sense of Humor feat. Tom Waicunas
      Midnight Shuffle feat. Tom Waicunas
      What You Gonna Do Now? feat. Tom Waicunas
      Techno Blues feat. Tom Waicunas
      My Phone Got Disconnected feat. Tom Waicunas
      Love Dangerously feat. BB Bugaloo
      Mr. Pitiful feat. BB Bugaloo
      Brand New Cadillac feat. BB Bugaloo
      Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Sad Song feat. BB Bugaloo
      Love Dangerously Demo
      In My Hour
      Vineyard Homicide
      Too Many Pieces
      Take Care of Love
      Greenwich Mean Time
      Dressed in Black
      Airplane Dreams
      The Hand in My Head
      Waiting in the Rain feat. Stan Borys
      Heaven is Far Away
      Time Falls, Run '87
      Time Falls, Run '85
      World Away
      Follow the Moon
      Autumn '85
      American Séance
      Goodnight Godspeed
      If You Were Mine
      Little Miss Mystery Kiss
      Season of Danger
      Recklessly Yours
      On the Road Again - St. Vitus Dance
      What's Buggin' You? - St. Vitus Dance
      Respectable - St. Vitus Dance
      Crawlin' King Snake - St. Vitus Dance
      Lights Out - St. Vitus Dance
      Tiny Montgomery - St. Vitus Dance
      Wild Child - St. Vitus Dance
      Angela - St. Vitus Dance
      Matchbox - St. Vitus Dance
      Recklessly Yours - St. Vitus Dance
      Mother's Kitchen - St. Vitus Dance






Father, mechanical drafter, musician.