Just close your eyes and count down from a hundred.

It is our countdown. We risk extinction and we have to evolve. We have to change our behavior. We have to shed a lot of old labels, dogma, categories, systems of belief and obsolete internal identifiers that interfere with us doing what must be done. Those of us who prefer the benevolence side of the eternal binary oscillation will need to do something counter-intuitive: we will need to be cruel. Cruel to those that threaten an end to our presence on this planet, and cruel to our own who cannot adapt.

We know why what’s happening on our planet is happening. It is because of us. In the blink of an eye, in the time our species has existed, our planet’s system has been radically disrupted by our activities, and now the blowback is coming that will threaten and change our species, end it perhaps. We dinosaurs have summoned our meteor and it is now bearing down on us.

The fabric of our species social web has shredded, and the last threads that bind us are giving way. Those of us that understand what’s happening must do everything in our power to forcefully push aside and extinguish the interests and movements that channel us onward towards the abyss. None of the prior norms apply anymore. All the holy books, constitutions, contracts, handshake agreements, etc. are meaningless if we end.

We know what must be done, it’s not a mystery, the effort is daunting. No less than changing the inertia of our species fundamental behavior is required. We must use all Machiavellian means necessary to remedy the actions and behaviors of our species that lead us to our extinction. We are on the threshold of a new epoch. That is certain. What is not certain is what that epoch will look like. To an extent, we still control that.