Culling Drone


The prideful King Mahn
summoned his Jester,
wearing his crown jewels,
and wrapped in a sable.
With goblet of muscadin
to temper the woofits,
and the mirth of a Jester
for prank or a fable.
Culling Drone

King Mahn bellowed with laughter
at the bourde of his Jester:
“Village of idiots buying,
Leasing-monger sells.
They hobble their horses
and poison their orchards.
Toll their bells with their foreheads,
and piss in their wells!”
Culling Drone

Said the red-faced King Mahn,
eyes tearing with laughter:
“Pray tell thee another!”
with a chortling moan.
But the Jesters’ voice lowered
as he spoke of the kingdom:
“Tis the Jargogle Zwodder
of the Culling Drone.”
The Culling Drone
Culling Drone

“Good Mother Earth
has become irritated,
and rung a vibration
to summon the rats,
who crawl from their holes,
whispering in sleeping ears
of men who, awake,
don’t recognize facts.”

The silent King Mahn’s
Jester chastened:
“Good Mother Earth
has put forth her tone.
The path of the kingdom
better had straighten,
or the kingdom will fall
to the Culling Drone.”
Culling Drone

Bad Father Viper
Has come to plunder
And he doesn’t care
If it’s from his kin
Hoeing a row
The length of the kingdom
Seeded with lies
To enrich him
Bad Father Viper
Bad Father Viper

Culling Drone…




Author: Eric Schuurman

Eat your vegetables.