Tomek Lipiński Project

Eric Schuurman and Tomek Lipinski in Warsaw 2022
Eric and Tomek in Warsaw August, 2022

October 29, 2022 – Chicago
Tomek messaged me asking if I was going to be in Warsaw by March. I told him that’s exactly when I’d be getting there. I’d hoped to be there closer to New Years, but I had been given a work contract extension that went thru mid February. I would be floating between Chicago and Warsaw. Tomek said he’d look into the possibility for short term apartment leases. Then he invited me to tour with him later in spring, playing organ. Rehearsals would begin in March. Performances began in April. Surreal.

August 29, 2022 – Warsaw
Natalia, Julia and I met with Tomek at his studio in Warsaw. I’d contacted him in late spring looking for advice on monetizing my material in Poland, connecting with a Polish audience. I mentioned I’d be in Poland late summer, and he invited me to his studio to discuss things. We sat at an outdoor restaurant near his studio on a sunny afternoon, and my future was revealed to me. Tomek asked me to join his production team, along with his engineer. There were a number of projects he was involved with that I could co-produce. Most notable for me was him recording an English language project for an international audience. It is something that I have always thought he should do, and a project I dearly wanted to be part of, and suddenly I was! The focus now was to put the logistical puzzle pieces together that would allow me to join Tomek in Warsaw. I told Tomek I would find a way to get there.




Author: Eric Schuurman

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