Natural Light

My darling ones
we’re not afraid
of distant thunder
across the plain.
The day gone black
above us forms
a gathering of
the perfect storm.

A crackling  bolt
of lightning hits.
The planets’ tinder
now is lit.
Downslope wind
brings no rain,
scatters embers,
and fans the flames.

Screens glowing with
devoured whole
Masses nod
and duly rise
and plot a course
to their demise.

Their headlights pass,
an endless line
towards glowing orange
In a black sky.
But darlings we’ll
endure this night
And reach the morning’s
Natural Light


Oh precious ones
alone it seems,
we shed no tears
for dead machines.
No binary in
the fibers’ light,
no digital pox,
or social blight.

We huddle masked
our little tribe,
with gratitude
to be alive.
With curtains drawn
sealed from the night,
whispered prayers
by candlelight.

The hatred shown
by those we knew,
spreading lies,
rumors too.
Lost in winter.
Long in night.
But our days grow
with Natural Light


Tho we see things
we’ve a common
Carrion prey
on our discord,
reap the windfall
of the war.
We know the way
we’re meant to be:
and decency.
The love we show
the way we should.
The way we see
the common good.


Eyes open now
squint in the light.
A new day
born of night.
A passing mirror
glimpse is shown
a price drawn
more than known.

We view ourselves
unlike the way
others see thru
our display.
In direct light
we see clear.
Dimly lit,
truth disappears.

Choice to seek light,
a will to know,
like moths drawn to
a lanterns’ glow.
The sacred shine
from stained glass souls
Into night flows.

My kiddos fair,
in springtime sun,
now begun.
In a meadow rich
with varied life
we step into
Natural Light




Author: Eric Schuurman

Eat your vegetables.