A Prodigal Son

I walked thru their door,
I stepped into the night.
With the home-light burning I didn’t look back.
I drove thru the night
into the morning sun,
down a ribbon of highway, never did look back.
I tried to reason with him.
I tried to calm and still her.
To show the sense of doing it my way.
I had no answer for them,
had no explanation
for why I couldn’t consider what they say.
Words lovingly delivered to me
never were accepted.
Disregarding common sense
is what you’ve might expected from
A Prodigal Son.

But I saw the world turn,
I saw good and the bad.
I saw what I never could dream.
And I lived in that world,
And I loved there too.
Lingering, embraced and serene.
I gazed from highest mountains,
to purest clouds below.
My spirit rose and brushed the bluest sky.
I crawled down in the valley
Beside the river of sorrow,
and bathed in the tears of humankind.
The blessings of a dreamer child
I wouldn’t wish upon you.
While he dreams they experience
the pleasures of insomnia from
A Prodigal Son.

Wandered on back,
from the wilderness,
with my own kin in tow.
Now I got a wife,
and two beautiful girls,
and they dwell in the core of my soul.
I meant to get home sooner,
but I am a late bloomer.
They are getting older, as we all are.
And then we turned the corner,
and we approached the front door.
The home-light’s covered, dark and cold.
The flame they tended is extinguished,
and my loved ones departed.
We’ll raise the home-light again
and with a flame will start it from
A Prodigal Son.

I’m feeling their arms reaching out to me.
I’m seeing their light surrounding me.
I’m hearing their voices are calling me.
I’m wishing to merge once again with them.
To shed my earthly scar tissue then.
To understand again,
we have always been one,
we have always been one,
we have always been one,
and always will be.




Author: Eric Schuurman

Eat your vegetables.