Sketchbook – Music Exercises

Turkish saz zither – EXS24

Used chord trigger positions based on 36 interval octave charts routed into arpeggiator. Transposed output notes down an octave. Hammered string sound.

      sketch 2-9-19 2

Iraqi sample output 5 slices
Manually sliced up Iraqi Sample Output 5 and exported as individual audio files.
Imported into EXS24 and mapped individual slices to individual keys.
Set up 3 chord triggers.
Ran thru arpeggiator and note repeater.
Processed with reverb and stereo spread.

      sketch 2-9-19

36 interval octave MicroBassoonTone
Downloaded bassoon samples from the Philharmonia Orchestra website. They were MP3 files I converted into wav files using GarageBand and iTunes.
Used EXS24 to map 24 notes of a bassoon across 6 octaves in a microtonal instrument.
Each semitone had 3 intervals: the root note, pre-root note tuned down 33 cents, and the post-root note tuned up 33 cents.
Chained Chord trigger into arpeggiator into note repeater into Space Designer reverb.

      sketch 2-6-19
      sketch 2-7-19

finger-picking sketch with drums
Used folder stack to group master arrangement regions and composition.
Created master track of finger-picked guitar audio regions.
Mapped the project tempo to this master track using beat mapping.
Created drummer track and had it follow the master track.
Fine tuned multi-output drum-kit.
Created drummer performance by tweaking soft/loud/simplex complex grid.

      sketch 1-6-19 2

finger-picking sketch
Droning, chiming over-tones of the Epiphone.
The amp selection is clean, so it’s almost pure guitar tone.

      sketch 1-4-19

chaining MIDI fx – chord trigger + arpeggiator + note repeater
Used folder stack to group master arrangement regions and composition.
Used alias regions to create composition in master arrangement track.
Used folder stack to group guitar sketches.
Set key signature, changed it for bridge, changed back after bridge.
Transposed bass track alias region down an octave using MIDI plug-in.
Set project end point.
Quantize master arrangement region notes.
Changed region colors.
Add arpeggio MIDI effect to synth channel.
Add chord trigger MIDI effect to synth channel before arpeggio.
Add stereo delay to synth channel.

      sketch 1-1-19

audio source vs. apple loop comparison

Audio source is warmer. Apple Loop is brighter. Is this normal?

      sketch 12-23-18

guitar song fragments

      sketch 1 12-22-18
      sketch 2 12-22-18
      sketch 3 12-22-18
      sketch 4 12-22-18
      sketch 5 12-22-18

guitar patterns, scales, exercises, etc.

      sketch 1 12-12-18
      sketch 2 12-12-18
      sketch 3 12-12-18
      sketch 4 12-12-18
      sketch 5 12-12-18
      sketch 6 12-12-18
      sketch 7 12-12-18
      sketch 8 12-12-18
      sketch 9 12-12-18
      sketch 10 12-12-18
      sketch 11 12-12-18
      sketch 12 12-12-18



Author: Eric Schuurman

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