American Séance

Europe Acoustic
Europe Acoustic

We gathered from the corners of America.
We sat and watched the purple night fall.
With bags still packed and waiting by the door,
lowering our heads for the spirit call.

One by one they passed above us
as the moon rose in a star bright sky.
Holding hands that trembled and clutched,
all at once our faces did rise.

No-one cried aloud when above us all appeared
a multitude of departed kin.
Every soul frozen, each’s silent heart.
In each’s wide eyes burned their private sin.

They rose as one and together they swelled
above the hills, for they rose as one.
Beyond, beyond and above us were they.
The ground pressed and we could not run.

Our names were called by the merit of our guilt
with verdicts sealed and sentences written.
No-one spoke words to defend themselves.
The lies and the liars were the first of the smitten.

“Arise,” they cried, “ye impoverished men.
Arise and be gone, make not a sound.
For your brethren of destiny and wealth,
they are the ones that concern us now.”

And the circle closed and we fearful shook.
A cry arose and it filled the night.
For every man’s crime was written in stone.
The wealthiest among us convulsed in fright.

“Oh ye wealthy men of comfort and ease,
of stature position reputation and pride.
Do ye not see that the end is at hand?
You are the ones with no place to hide.”

“The earth” cried they, “the earth is so small.
Blessed are they that comfort and soothe.
Woe to the man of greed who hoards
before the starving child’s father with nothing to lose.”

Take heed, take heed for the time is at hand.
From the will of one comes the will of all.
Now’s not too late for the errant to change
before the finality of history’s call.





Father, mechanical drafter, musician.