Free Association Song Descriptions

      Love Dangerously

Alternative ballad, post-blues, reticent guitar passion, unique baritone vocals.

      Johnny Thirteen feat. John Halka

Alternative, genetic dice-roll bust, punk-induced, snarling at fate, John’s jail poem, a brother’s farewell.

      Monkey and the Button feat. Natalia Schuurman

Alternative narrative poetry, jungle novelty, suicidal tendencies of a species as told by an 8-year old girl and her 3-year old sister.


Alternative, swirling, poetic, witness to our disasters, debris and transformation.

      First Chapter Elizabeth

Alternative funk-ish, inspired by American religious fanaticism, cult of the innocent.

      Nightsweats (Tongues of Jakob)

Alternative, goth-opera, shades of Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht, lost language undecipherable, anthem of the grotesque.

      See Through Me

Alternative pop, shimmeringly textured, slightly jangly, a dangerous ambivalent love.

      Home Prayer

Alternative, menacing, dark and exotic, longing perseverance, unique baritone vocals.


Alternative abandonment, post-empathy, cold eyed alienation, isolation, disintegration.

      Far enough Away

Alternative post-blues/rock, a celebration of departure and lifted weight, foreign voices in the night mist.

      Baltic Rain

Alternative, post-folk, a sea voyage, tune of a new day, expat freedom, unique baritone vocals.

      Wade in the Water

Alternative, post-blues, looming swamp catastrophe, unique baritone vocals.

      For Nothing More feat. Stan Borys

Alternative majestic poetry, existential musings of a Polish rock legend, another through the ages, lost and found.

      New Amerika

Alternative voice, ragged optimism, ambiance of emergency, post-patriotic, anti-ideology naiveté.

      Maybe It's the Way feat. Tom Waicunas

Roots, folk, singer-songwriter, earnest longing from another era, the melancholy of distant train horns, Spice Factory feast.

      Sense of Humor feat. Tom Waicunas

Roots, blues, harmonica defiance, howling at the bleeding moon, plea for shelter from a burning son.

      Midnight Shuffle feat. Tom Waicunas

Roots, blues shuffle, ode to the dog-eared nocturnals, dirty blues harp, a guarantee of trouble.

      What You Gonna Do Now? feat. Tom Waicunas

Roots, folk, singer-songwriter, the question after it’s over, yearning for lost connection, heartbreak yelp.

      Techno Blues feat. Tom Waicunas

Roots, folk, deceitful chopping guitar chug, feelings disconnected survival, harmonica sympathy, robot laughter.

      My Phone Got Disconnected feat. Tom Waicunas

Roots, blues, King of pink mail, land-line-less, ironic harmonica, no walk in the park.

      Love Dangerously feat. BB Bugaloo

Soul passion, R&B orchestration, Stax-Volt influence, Memphis longing.

      Mr. Pitiful feat. BB Bugaloo

Soul, R&B orchestration, ghost of Otis, horn sweetness, a hurting Hammond.

      Brand New Cadillac feat. BB Bugaloo

Soul romp, vamps galore, humming V8 rhythm, key tickling axe chopping raging horn joy-ride.

      Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Sad Song feat. BB Bugaloo

Soul, not sad, another Otis redux, brother horn support, piano banter, a legit organ-ization.

      Love Dangerously Demo

Post-roots toss-off, lost weekend spoils, falsetto seed, primal genetic melody emerges, envelope guitar.

      In My Hour

Post-roots jangle, post-romance prayer, hymn to long-gone her, un-answered musical questions, melodic regret.

      Vineyard Homicide

Post-roots, slide guitar witness, 12 bar death scene, honking fit of random violence, unique baritone vocals.


Post-roots, creaking black ship departure, rolling party of disaster, tears for an abandoner, and a curse.


Post-roots elegy, longing to un-do, echoes, reflections and lingering backward glances.

      Too Many Pieces

Post-roots circus of fools, idiot calliope, drunken lament among the wreckage.

      Take Care of Love

Post-roots blues, musical statement of the obvious, lost on the oblivious, do as I say…


Post-roots waltz morose, morse code tones, a prayer for beloved parents, in-conclusion.


Post-roots rejoice, chiming battered gaggle, bloodshot light of morning revel, unique baritone vocals.

      Greenwich Mean Time

New wave ice lace synth, intoxication of youth, distant memories of distant places, symphony of innocence.


New wave bludgeon, sweet little bombs, battered by a whisper, lip to ear to heart extortion.

      Dressed in Black

New wave noir, chimes of night and youth, urban gravity vibrato, north-side screenplay and wardrobe.

      Airplane Dreams

New wave fugue, instrumental, Bach and the MIDI spec, flight of the earth-bound.

      The Hand in My Head

New wave misanthropy, polished mechanical metal Etude, possibility violence, a bad influence.

      Waiting in the Rain

New wave ballad, haunted by a legend, fine ringing strings, steel drum secrets, the wait, the rain.


New wave sacrament, skittering holy ghost, guitar birds, the soft embrace of strings, most sacred love.


New wave puppetry, charms for children, strings, the caffeine of nervous music, resigned to tendon-cies of others.

      Heaven is Far Away

New wave dissonance and distance, pointless repetition of ill-defined chimes, joyless syllables, thin comfort for the weary.


New wave soaring instrumental, Bach and the MIDI spec, lost and wandering horn in hiding from the bridge’s snarling trolls.

      Time Falls, Run '87

New wave measure of time, signature of youth in slightly larger increments, layered wash of guitars, cathedral chaos concludes.

      Time Falls, Run '85

New wave measure of time, signature of youth in slightly smaller increments, synced vibrato guitar, a younger man’s voice.

      World Away

New wave blanket dive, synth sympathy, tunnel of love ecstasy, submission to 6-string Eros, 2 solo souls combine.

      Follow the Moon

New wave silver light night-time devotion, nocturnal schemes, frenzied tumbling percussive descent, subdued guitar warning.


New wave diet, bagels and Progresso, starving artist ensemble, ricochet buffet, the oboe knows.


New wave psalm, propulsion of gratitude, cradled finger lattice synth, testimony of the horn.

      Autumn '85

New wave noodle, birthed of itself, touch of synth chill, celebration of techno color, feathered cello exit.





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