Greenwich Mean Time


Stepping from Bakerloo
into the dull sunshine.
Blinking at foreign streets,
crazy crooked lines.
Idling away
Greenwich Mean Time!

Kaleidoscope of syllables,
cacophony rhyme.
Sonic wash of other worlds
all in a line.
Idling away
Greenwich Mean Time!

Kicking down Trafalgar,
spitting in the Thames.
Stumbling in drunken circles,
laughing again.
Bums with British accents
tell us what’s in store.
A bus ride and another drink,
a statue of the war.
Liquor has gone to my head,
moistness to my eyes.
I’m sure I could go back in time
if I were to try.
The bells from the cathedrals
sweet dissonant chimes.
I’m alive and very well,
Greenwich Mean Time!

Hustling in the underground,
committing foreign crime.
Snarl and a warning,
move down the line.
Idling away
Greenwich Mean Time!





Father, mechanical drafter, musician.