Spice Factory Demos by Tom Waicunas

Tom Waicunas
Tom Waicunas

Recorded at the Spice Factory in Chicago in 1993.
The project was never completed.

Produced/Engineered by Eric Schuurman.

Words and music, Vocals, Guitar and Harmonica by Tom Waicunas.
Guitar, Piano, Synths and Backing Vocals by Eric Schuurman on ‘Maybe It’s the Way’.

  • Maybe It's the Way by Tom Waicunas
  • Sense of Humor by Tom Waicunas
  • Midnight Shuffle by Tom Waicunas
  • What You Gonna Do Now? by Tom Waicunas
  • Techno Blues by Tom Waicunas
  • My Phone Got Disconnected by Tom Waicunas




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