Monkey and the Button feat. Natalia Schuurman

Eric Schuurman, 1985
Eric Schuurman, 1985

Natalia: Narrator
Julia: Voices of the Beasts
Dad: Refrain


There’s this monkey,
he had a Button,
and he did
just what he wants.
Now this monkey
is no more now
for his weakness
and arrogance.


In the night, the Voice of the Jungle came to the first monkey:
“Monkey, here is the Key of Knowledge. Use it wisely.”
He awoke, and there was the Button.

The monkey learned it was no ordinary button.
The monkey could get this Button to do anything he wanted.
All he had to do was to make a wish, press the Button and the wish was his.

So, the monkey ate the finest bananas of the jungle.
He swung from the longest, strongest vines.
He jumped with no fear of falling.
And when he was angry, the jungle creatures fled, for they feared his Button.

There’s this monkey
he had a Button,
and he did
just what he wants.

All day long the monkey sat in his tree, pushing his Button.
After time, the monkey changed.
It did not matter to him that the other jungle creatures suffered.
He did not listen as they asked for his help.
He didn’t think of using his Button for anyone but himself.


About at the same time, the Voice came to the second monkey,
with him awakened to a button as well.
And then one day, the two monkeys crossed paths at the river.
They both insisted they had discovered the river first.
A terrible quarrel took place!
Both monkeys hissed and spat and threw great handfuls of leaves and dust.

They fought and screamed and slapped.
Then each paused and remembered his Button.
At pretty much the same time, they pushed their Buttons.
Instantly both monkeys vanished.

There’s this monkey,
he had a Button.

Oh monkey, monkey!
You never had a chance.

Now this monkey,
he had a Button…

Never had a chance.







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