First Chapter Elizabeth

Eric Schuurman, 1985
Eric Schuurman, 1985

There was a flash of charity
from the howling abyss
and out stepped young
Miss Elizabeth.

Long gone young
Miss Elizabeth,
down from the mountain,
back from the edge.

We wear the veil,
we offer flowers,
we bathe in hidden
mountain showers.

We are your lambs.
We’re your nation.
Glory’s yours!
Be our salvation!

We pledge Elizabeth
White veiled girl
show us the way.

There was a change of plans
we didn’t expect,
from the shadows
an angel stepped.

Miss Elizabeth,
young and mild
steps out among us
from the wild.

We’re one in wondering,
all glory to you,
what would Miss
Elizabeth do?

We’re your disciples,
we are your base.
We’ll follow you
to a better place.

We’ll pledge Elizabeth
every night.
White veiled girl
please shine a light.

Forgive us
mourning your loss,
rolling the stone,
rushing the boss.

Nearly departed
“It’s not your time, child”
he sayeth.

We pledge Elizabeth
to be true,
liberty marched
right up to you.

Miss Elizabeth
in you we trust.
True red white buh loo vers
all of us.

There was a beast shadow cast
from coast to coast,
then back she came
like a living ghost.

put under a spell,
what you saw there
you won’t tell.

We welcome you back
to the fold
with your secret
tales untold.

We sleep the night
neath spangled stars
and say not of who
that we are.

full of grace,
shine on us your
pristine gaze.

We cup our hands
unto our ear,
it’s your harp
we long to hear.

Look upon us
no monkeys in
our family tree.

We pledge Elizabeth
through and through,
white veiled girl,
we’re ready for you.





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