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Eric Schuurman (Eric Schuurman, 2007)

  • Love Dangerously Lyrics
          Love Dangerously
  • Johnny Thirteen Lyrics
          Johnny Thirteen feat. John Halka
  • Monkey and the Button Lyrics
          Monkey and the Button feat. Natalia Schuurman
  • Splinter Lyrics
  • First Chapter Elizabeth Lyrics
          First Chapter Elizabeth
  • Nightsweats (Tongues of Jakob) Lyrics
          Nightsweats (Tongues of Jakob)
  • See Through Me Lyrics
          See Through Me
  • Home Prayer Lyrics
          Home Prayer
  • Jettison Lyrics
  • Far Enough Away Lyrics
          Far Enough Away
  • Baltic Rain Lyrics
          Baltic Rain
  • Wade in the Water Lyrics
          Wade in the Water
  • For Nothing More Lyrics
          For Nothing More feat. Stan Borys
  • New Amerika Lyrics
          New Amerika

Spice Factory Demos (TOM WAICUNAS, 1993)

  • Maybe It’s the Way Lyrics
          Maybe It's the Way feat. Tom Waicunas
  • Sense of Humor Lyrics
          Sense of Humor feat. Tom Waicunas
  • Midnight Shuffle Lyrics
          Midnight Shuffle feat. Tom Waicunas
  • What You Gonna Do Now? Lyrics
          What You Gonna Do Now? feat. Tom Waicunas
  • Techno Blues Lyrics
          Techno Blues feat. Tom Waicunas
  • My Phone Got Disconnected Lyrics
          My Phone Got Disconnected feat. Tom Waicunas

Soul Roots (BB Bugaloo, 1992)

  • Love Dangerously Lyrics
          Love Dangerously feat. BB Bugaloo
  • Mr. Pitiful Lyrics
          Mr. Pitiful feat. BB Bugaloo
  • Brand New Cadillac Lyrics
          Brand New Cadillac feat. BB Bugaloo
  • Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Sad Song Lyrics
          Fa Fa Fa Fa Fa Sad Song feat. BB Bugaloo
  • Love Dangerously Demo Lyrics
          Love Dangerously Demo

Old Town (Eric Schuurman, 1991)

  • In My Hour Lyrics
          In My Hour
  • Vineyard Homicide Lyrics
          Vineyard Homicide
  • Winterline Lyrics
  • Resurrection Lyrics
  • Too Many Pieces Lyrics
          Too Many Pieces
  • Take Care of Love Lyrics
          Take Care of Love
  • Apology Lyrics
  • Homeward Lyrics

Charms (Strange Romance, 1987)

  • Greenwich Mean Time Lyrics
          Greenwich Mean Time
  • Strange Lyrics
  • Dressed in Black Lyrics
          Dressed in Black
  • Airplane Dreams (Instrumental)
          Airplane Dreams
  • The Hand in My Head Lyrics
          The Hand in My Head
  • Waiting in the Rain Lyrics
          Waiting in the Rain feat. Stan Borys
  • Liturgy Lyrics
  • Marionettes Lyrics
  • Heaven is Far Away Lyrics
          Heaven is Far Away
  • Klepsydra (Instrumental)
  • Time Falls, Run Lyrics
          Time Falls, Run '87

Autumn ’85 (Strange Romance, 1985)

  • Time Falls, Run Lyrics
          Time Falls, Run '85
  • World Away Lyrics
          World Away
  • Follow the Moon Lyrics
          Follow the Moon
  • Snack Lyrics
  • Blessed Lyrics
  • Autumn ’85 (Instrumental)
          Autumn '85

Europe Acoustic (Eric Schuurman, 1984)

  • American Séance Lyrics
          American Séance
  • Exhilarated Lyrics
  • Goodnight Godspeed Lyrics
          Goodnight Godspeed
  • If You Were Mine Lyrics
          If You Were Mine
  • Little Miss Mystery Kiss Lyrics
          Little Miss Mystery Kiss
  • Season of Danger Lyrics
          Season of Danger
  • Recklessly Yours Lyrics
          Recklessly Yours

St. Vitus Dance (Rehearsal tapes, performance board mixes, multi-track recordings 1981-1983)

  • On the Road Again Lyrics
          On the Road Again - St. Vitus Dance
  • What’s Buggin’ You? Lyrics
          What's Buggin' You? - St. Vitus Dance
  • Respectable Lyrics
          Respectable - St. Vitus Dance
  • Crawlin’ King Snake Lyrics
          Crawlin' King Snake - St. Vitus Dance
  • Lights Out Lyrics
          Lights Out - St. Vitus Dance
  • Tiny Montgomery Lyrics
          Tiny Montgomery - St. Vitus Dance
  • Wild Child Lyrics
          Wild Child - St. Vitus Dance
  • Angela Lyrics
          Angela - St. Vitus Dance
  • Matchbox Lyrics
          Matchbox - St. Vitus Dance
  • Recklessly Yours Lyrics
          Recklessly Yours - St. Vitus Dance
  • Mother’s Kitchen Lyrics
          Mother's Kitchen - St. Vitus Dance




Father, mechanical drafter, musician.